Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 166: Harvest Festival

Last Nights Caper
I think I played Pokemon for a little bit, but I didn't end up playing AC. I was going to play and try gather some creatures I needed for the harvest festival, but I didn't end up doing it. Now, I kinda wish I did, but meh.

Day 166

We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia, so I don't really understand the ideology around it. In a way, I kinda wish we did, because then there'd be a holiday before Christmas - but it really doesn't relate to Australia culture so I can understand why. But anyway, I'll talk about the harvest festival later on in this post.

Today, we had reasonably good turnip prices (two days in a row what is this??), they wern't as good as yesterdays, but they were still good. I kinda wish I woke up earlier just to check the AM prices but oh well.

The 28th also meant that Chester would be leaving today. I'm happy he is leaving, because I never really liked him, and hopefully Frita or Jacques will leave next. But it was horrible because he was a villager who couldn't help participate in today's event, so I only had 3 villagers in their houses who could give me ingredients.

And as for today's unique items, the Nookling's had a spotlight item, the six lamp, and the harvest bed, and Gracie had her usual trump items in stock. I don't think I found today's mushroom as I was too busy with the harvest festival, so I'll probably go on after this post to try find it.

The Harvest Festival
The majority of today was spent on the harvest festival (if you were on Tumblr, you'd know why lol). All in all, it was a nice event, wasn't too difficult or annoying (the most annoying part was when you had to dive for creatures and could't find them, but diving creatures were only for the first 2 courses).

The first course was an oyster salad, so I had to get some vinegar, an oyster, and some seaweed, as well as the secret ingredient.
Through out the entire event, Annalisa, Purrl and Rosie were the only villagers in their houses, so those were the only ones I could get ingredients off.
I first went to Annalisa, who wanted a carp, Purrl wanted a sea bass, and Rosie wanted a carp as well.

I gave them their needed ingredients, and got two lemons, and some vinegar in return. I then went out diving to catch myself an oyster and some seaweed, which I gave to Franklin. 
After I gave him the three items, he asked for the secret ingredient, which I had completely forgot about. I randomly gave him a lemon (which was the secret ingredient, so praise).

The lobster was what really annoyed me, I spent a good couple of hours looking around town for it, when I finally decided to go to the island and try my luck, which only took a few minutes to find. Of course, with all this diving, I came cross a scallop,and found Pascal, who gave me a Jolly Roger.

I collected all the ingredients needed for the soup and handed them to Franklin, and then he gave me the ingredients for the next meal.

Again, I collected the ingredients for the main, got my reward, and then collected my ingredients for the dessert, and got my reward (for the main I got a harvest table, just forgot to take a picture). For the first course, you get given a fruit basket as a reward, then you get a random piece of the harvest series for the next two, and then you get a cornucopia for the finl course.


Speaking to Franklin after the event also makes him talk about the event in City Folk, which I thought was a nice touch.

Unrelated News
Yeah, the only annoying part was diving for creatures, everything else was alright. The Christmas event is in a little under a month, which I an kinda excited for, but I'm more excited for December to roll around (to buy glowsticks and festive items), and then of course, snow. Time can't go quick enough! Cya!


  1. Looks like i'll be time traveling back to yesterday..didn't manage to get much xD


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