Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 167

Last Nights Caper
I searched for the days mush piece (which ended up being a piece I needed, the bed, holla), but also found 2 rare mushrooms! Score!

Day 167
Each day we're getting closer and closer to December (just a little over 24 hours), which means we're getting closer and closer to snow (which I believe happens around the 10th?). I honestly can not wait until we get snow, you have no idea.

I went to check on turnips today, to see how the prices were compared to the previous days good prices, but I guess asking for 3 days is pushing the limit too far. Reese was back to buying for her standard ~90 bells.

Today's mushroom piece was yet another piece I needed - the table. There's only one day of November left, so that means one more mush piece... Hopefully it's something I still need, but I'm not getting my hopes up due to my previous luck.

Whilst patrolling the beaches, I also found Gulliver washed ashore. I woke him up and told him where he was headed, which I got correct. Again, I forgot to list the possible options (I've gotten lazy oops). But the correct answer was Greece (I think an option may have been Peru).

And Gala was also now showing her face up on Main Street!

Unrelated News
I actually did play for a fair bit today, but most of it was landscaping and cleaning out my drawers, so it was nothing worth blogging about.
As mentioned the other day, I have an 18th tomorrow, so I'm not sure when tomorrows post will go up. So yeah... Cya!


  1. I had snow a few days back now. Hopefully you'll get some soon! Enjoy your evening.


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