Animal Crossing New Leaf - Halloween & My Birthday

Not sure on which one to start for this post, I guess chronological order thus we should start with my birthday since that came first? Plus it's nice and short and Halloween is pretty lengthy.

I really don't remember my birthday that much, I don't think I played a lot (which was weird because I didn't do anything special IRL for my birthday...).
When I hopped on AC Julian greeted me at the door, and took me over to his place. Oh and 'cause I'll probably get swamped with messages (which isn't a bad thing since I love when you guys talk to me), my birthday was October 27th!

Inside I was hoping to see Bree and Ricky (so then my three favorite villagers would be under the same roof), but alas, it was Bree and Rosie. Guess 2/3 is alright...

I don't think I've ever actually experienced a birthday in AC. In Wild World, they either didn't have one, or had something minor so I don't remember, and in City Folk I remember being so mad (like so mad) that no villgaer came over to gave me a cake LOL.

I really didn't want Julian to give me a present, as weird as it sounds lol. IRL I hate getting gifts off people (which is why I try to avoid having a birthday party but had to this year 'cause I was the big 18 fml), so naturally I didn't like getting a gift in AC (I don't know it just makes me feel selfish and it's really weird). Julian gave me a birthday table.

I then decided to be social and speak to Rosie and Bree.

So all-in-all I got a total of three presents; one from Julian, one from mom, and even though he didn't attend the party, Ricky sent me a birthday card with a present attached in the mail.

From Julian

From Ricky (I put it in the basement)

From mom

Now onto Halloween!!

I wanted to get somewhat in the spirit (even though I only had 4 of the 6 masks...), so I decided to buy a witch robe from Gracie Grace, and check out my wardrobe for other things I could wear, then I went along scaring the villagers.

Guess she ain't scared of bugs...

I'm so popular~~

Ricky and Bree were dressed the same, and they looked really cute!

If any of you didn't get to experience the Halloween event, I'll try my best at explaining. Pretty much you buy the 6 masks at the Able Sisters, and you go around playing games with the residents outside, and if you win they'll give you candy and a hint as to what other villagers are scared of.
If one of the villagers they tell you about it inside, put on the correct mask, and keep going inside until they give you a lollipop. Once they give you a lollipop you then go out and find Jack, who'll give you a piece of the creepy set. Wash, rinse and repeat until you've completed the entire set (you can also give him normal candy, but I believe he'll just give you a piece of the spooky set which you can but at the Nooklings).

After scaring Chester, Rosie and Annalisa (as they were the only villagers inside of which I had masks they were scared of), I finally got my hands on one sole lollipop (actually I got two but I thought you could hold them so I dragged it to my character and I ate it oops). I then tried to find Jack (megaphone = fail), and finally found him after a good 10 minutes of searching, and I got a creepy coffin. I'll include the whole conversation with Jack, because it gives a pretty good explanation of the Halloween event if mine didn't do it for you.

Unrelated News
Really don't know what to put here because there really isn't anything to put, and I only included it because of tradition LOL. But anyway, hopefully tomorrow (or today I guess as it's past midnight) I can get back on my regular blogging schedule, even though there hasn't been a lot going on in Skyfall... So, cya!


  1. YAY!!! Bidoof's back...we've missed ya! :D

  2. Wow I'm only a month younger than you! My bday was on Nov 26th and my three favorite villagers showed up, hehe...though I think one of them hates me now because she always asks to come over at a later time and I ALWAYS forget.


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