Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 171: Christmas Wishes

Last Nights Caper
I actually fell asleep relatively easy (well it wasn't really quick, but it wasn't super long like the previous night).I'm pretty sure the only reason I couldn't sleep the night before was because I had a 12 hour slumber.

Day 171
First thing that happened when I clocked in was Bree decided to drop the bomb that she planned on leaving in the coming days. UMM NO. I told her to stay, and that's what she did. Love you, Bree!

Reese was also buying turnips for a stable 137 bells. It'll be interesting to see how the market plays out this week, although I'm pretty sure it'll fall flat in a few day, as that's what usually happens.

There was also a housing plot in the space Julian once resided in (though this was one space to the left). I was curious to see who would be moving in, and it was Tia. I believe she is the teapot elephant (who will probably end up staying in town). I also started liking Jacques today, which makes me sad, because his house is in the most inconvenient spot, and as soon as he wants to move, he's gone... Maybe I'll get him back when I cycle 16.

The stores also had some more Christmas themed attire in stock. The Nookling's had the Jingle Dresser, and a party popper as their novelty item, whilst the Able Sisters had a Santa coat.

I also came across a lost item whilst doing my daily duties. I walked around town to see who it belonged to, when I finally found it belonged to Annalisa (I swear it's always her), and she gave me a skull tee, which Ricky bought soon after.

Note: anything after this point didn't actually save. I accidentally bumped my power button and my 3DS reset (which didn't really bother me 'cause all I had really done was villager chores and check what they wanted for Christmas). Though I did go back to Nook's to pay off my mortgage and expand my house, and do some other landscaping that I had done before I accidentally reset.The weird thing was that when I went back on to play, somehow my clock had been altered, and the date was 01/01/2011, 00:00AM... I really have no idea how that happened. So I changed the time back.

So as I realized the snow was soon approaching, and I plan to put the ice series in my basement, I decided now would be a good time to get on top of things and expand right away. I headed on over to the Post Office to pay off my mortgage, and then next door to Nook's Homes to have my basement expanded.

After that, I then went around frantically talking to my villagers to see if they'd tell me when they wanted from Jingle for Toy Day (which they also gave me some chores to do in between conversations). I managed to get at least one hint for almost every villager, so that was a good thing (I'm just hoping they stay the same because I reset. I doubt they'd change, though).
I'm too lazy to type in between each resident, so I'll just to a long post of images, and a TL;DR at the end.

He brought Toy Day up in conversations, but never told me what
he wanted

Bree - pink
Purrl - white
Ricky - clothing
Jacques - white, furniture
Frita - yellow
Rosie - umbrella
Leonardo - ???
Annalisa - ???
Tia - ???

I'll probably pester them tomorrow to see if the reset changed what they wanted, even though I doubt it, as it's probably already pre-determined. But maybe tomorrow I can get a better idea on what they want, and can get the wishes of the other residents (except Tia, of course).

Unrelated News
Yeah, kinda bummed out about resetting by accident, but more weirded out about the random time change... Though not that bothered as I didn't actually do anything too exciting in that time. But yeah... Cya!


  1. Ikr I was designing one night and my DS switched itself off (I must've knocked the button) really annoys me sometimes!


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