Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 172: Snow Day!

Last Nights Caper

Day 172

The snow didn't actually come until the late evening (lasting from around 4pm - 7pm), so you gotta wait until later on in this post to read about my snowy adventures!

As per yesterday, I once again pestered the villagers to try tell me what they wanted for Christmas (and they hadn't changed thanks to the reset so holla), and during the process, Ricky asked for a piece of perfect fruit. I grabbed a perfect orange out of my drawers and gave it to him, but no picture in return...

Bree also did a similar thing... Apparently me spending hours and hours looking for a stringfish is only worth a barbecue...  I guess I'll get their pictures one day...

But apart from those two downers, today was actually a rather eventful and worthwhile day, we did get a lot done.

First of all, Tia had moved in, she was absolutely adorable, and I can not wait for her to be roaming around town tomorrow, and hopefully find out what she wants for Christmas. Her house is in a nice spot, too (RIP Julian), so she'll be staying for as long as I can keep her, along with Ricky and Bree, and possibly Julian, if he ever returns...

My basement had also been expanded over night, and, in preparation for the upcoming snow in about a week, I paid off my mortgage and asked for it to be expanded, once again, so the soon-to-be attained ice series can make its way into the basement!

In the sales department, Reese was back to buying turnips for her stingy prices (80 bells! sheesh). I've also started having Cyrus remake items for me, so I can hopefully one day get the golden remake badge (I've just given him a toy camera which I'll just keep having him change, as it only costs around 100 bells per remake).

The Nooklings and Able Sisters had also kept up with their Christmas attire (and so they should!), this time having some more glow wands, a stuffed stocking, and yet another Santa beard. At least it'll come in handy for my giveaway (which is actually coming across rather nicely, so thank you very much).

Purrl also told me she wanted to leave town. Weird, I only had Bree ask to move yesterday (which I told her not to). I thought the period between leavers was ~a week? I guess I was wrong. Regardless, Purrl asked to leave town, and as I'm not overly attached to her, I decided to let her go. She'll be leaving no the 9th (so I guess that's one villagers Christmas list I needn't worry about - which is a shame as I've already finished hers).

I had actually checked the beaches this morning and they were given the all-clear, but apparently not. Whilst trying to get an answer out of Leonardo as to what he wanted for Christmas (which I eventually did!) he also told me that Gulliver was washed ashore. Either I was blind and didn't see him the first time, or he decided to wash up half way through the day. Either way, I went back down to the beach, and sure enough there he was.

My options were:
- China
- Egypt
- Mongolia
- Morocco

Of course, I chose Egypt, which was the correct answer.

I guess Leonardo is also a secret snow-stan because he seemed eager for it to arrive, too. I had noticed the cloudy, musky weather when I played in the afternoon, but knowing my luck, I really didn't expect anything to happen. Sure enough, an hour or so later, the snow began to fall from the sky, and my life day was made.

Although that wasn't the only good news of the day. I had forgotten about the fact that snowflakes fall during the winter. Once I saw one jingling in the air (yes they jingle and it sounds lovely), I whipped out my net and caught it right away.

I actually thought they were kinda rare, but at least that's not the case. I managed to nab an entire inventory full in a good 20 minutes. Of course, snowflakes can't be stored, so I had to sell them right away, but they sold for 500 bells each so I guess it's not too shabby.

Annalisa also seemed to be overjoyed by the snow, and suggest we build a drinking fountain. It's something I do like the look of, so maybe I'll build it someday.

Christmas Capers
I didn't really want to reuse the word 'caper' as I already have it at the start of every post, but nothing else seemed to fit, so if you know anything that sounds better, let me know!
But this is probably something I'll continue out until Christmas, just so I can easily keep track of what each of my villagers want for Christmas. Of course, once I've completed each villagers list, I'll probably just post my completed list at the end of each post.

I've also got it written down that Leonardo wanted something red, but I don't have a picture of it. I guess I'll just leave it off for now (as it could have been a mistake on my behalf), although my I think he did ask for something red, I just forgot to snap a picture. Either way, I'm sure I'll find out in the coming days, as i'll no doubtingly pester him (and everyone else) once again.

Bree - Pink 
Purrl - White, appliance
Ricky - Black, clothing
Jacques - White, furniture
Frita - Yellow
Rosie - Red, umbrella
Annalisa - Furniture
Leonardo - Musical instrument
Tia - ???

Unrelated News
Weeeeee snow!!! I'm really excited now and too lazy to type here because I am just so happy about the snow finally falling. Cya!


  1. Tia is SO cute!

    I wish it'd hurry up and snow in my town. I haven't even received notice of when it's supposed to fall. *sigh*
    At least it's supposed to snow irl yay? (not really I still have to get out and drive in it)

    Dang, I need to start asking my villagers what they want for Toy Day/Christmas. I forgot that it's different in this one. I should probably start writing it down somewhere. (I'd lose it though)

    Love your blog btw :)


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