Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 180

Last Nights Caper
Just watched Pokemon again, nothing special. I'll probably watch some more again tonight, but wouldn't mind getting motivated to play Zelda...

Day 180

A number of things happened in Skyfall today. The first notable thing I did was look for the two snowballs around town so that I could build another snowman. I spent at least an hour looking for the second snowball, until I eventually decided to give up for the time being and come back later.

So instead, I went to Main Street to check out the stores (nothing new in the festive section), but I did pick up some medicine which I handed over to Jacques. This is his third day receiving medicine so he should be all better tomorrow.

Katrina was  in town, and if I've one my number correct, this is visit #19! Only one more and then we should get the option to build her fortune telling shop in Main Street. Although, I wouldn't at all be surprised if I've ended up doing my math wrong and we still need a few more visits...

The camp site was also in use, and it was a lovely igloo! We haven't had a camper in quiet some time, but that didn't matter because I really just wanted to see an igloo. I walked in to hope to find a nice villager, but it was just Astrid. I didn't end up playing any games with her, but I do want to try collect the igloo camping items so maybe with out next 'camper' I'll try my luck.

And finally, I decided to try my luck at making another perfect snowman. I've decided I'll build the sonybaby last (I think it's called a snowtyke though), hoping that I'll build all four perfect, and then get the reward. But today I build the snowpapa (or, just the regular 'snowman'), and he was also prefect (to my surprise), at least now when I build the snowtyke I'll get the reward for having two perfect snowmen.

The Snowman wanted to play bingo with me as thanks, so I accepted, and he handed me a bingo card. I shall look forward to playing bingo daily, as I plan on always having at least one snowman in my town at a time. So I should be able to collect some of the ski set - though I'm not too fussed if I complete it or not, because all I really wanted to collect was the ice set.
And for those wondering, my number for today was 42, which I had on my card. He also said I can go to friends towns to get a number from their snowmen, so maybe if some of my friends have snowmen in their town, I'll get a bingo number from them.

Christmas Caper
Bree - Pink, plant
Purrl - White, appliance Moved Out
Ricky - Black, clothing
Jacques - White, furniture
Frita - Yellow, instrument
Rosie - Red, umbrella
Annalisa - Yellow, furniture

Leonardo - Red, musical instrument

Tia - White, wallpaper

Unrelated News
So yeah, that was about all for today. Right now, I'm watching The Amazing Race, which I'm enjoying, and then afterwards, I'll probably continue watching Pokemon. Cya!


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