Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 182

Last Nights Caper
I just watched Pokemon again. Maybe I should start doing something more interesting but...

Day 182

So today was thr fishing tourney, but before we get into that, I had a few things to do around town first.
First thing I noticed was a house near where Purrl's house used to be (I guess this is a likable spot in town too, much like Annalisa's spot), it was Alfonso. I really don't know who he is (I think he is an alligator??), but he wont be staying in Skyfall for too long.

I then decided to work on today's snowman, the snowtyke. Everytime I thought the snowballs were the right size and went to push them together, they weren't, and they wouldn't even connect. I had to fiddle around with the sizes for a few minutes until I finally pushed them together and a snowtyke was formed. From the dialogue, I believe he was perfect, so I should get the reward for having 3/4 perfect snowmen in town, which I'm not too sure what it is, but I think it might be the snow bunny?

A commemorative photo with the snow family

Then I went onto the snowman to get today's bingo number - which was 15! I had that on the card so I punched it in. It was directly under yesterdays number so now we're one step closer to getting bingo!

Now onto the fishing tourney. I acutually forgot to take pictures of each of my catches measurements, so I'll have to try go off memory. By the time I actually started fishing it was around 3:30pm, so I was expecting some good fish to be in the competition. So I handed in an ~30 inch sea bass, and somehow got first place?
I manged to hand in a few more sea bass and top my record a few more times (ended up getting 3 piece of fish furniture).

Everything was going well, and then I found the three big fish of the sea. I did consider sending them in for judging, but all I was really going to get was some more fish items, and then a guaranteed first place, so I figured it wasn't worth it, and would have been better off selling them for bells.

The evening soon rolled by and that meant we could now celebrate the results of the fishing tourney. It wasn't much of a surprise that my ~30 inch sea bass won first prize, because if memory serves me correctly, second place was a dab or something (I'll find out tomorrow when then results are on the Bulletin Board).

I didn't end up doing much afterwards. I was going to wait for 8pm to roll around so I could see K.K. Slider perform, but that was almost an hour away and I didn't really fancy sitting around doing nothing. But whilst I was figuring out what to do, Ricky suggested the zen garden public works project. Unfortunately, due to the fishing tourney I was unable to get a picture of it, but I'll grab one tomorrow!

Christmas Caper
Bree - Pink, plant
Purrl - White, appliance Moved Out
Ricky - Black, clothing
Jacques - White, furniture
Frita - Yellow, instrument
Rosie - Red, umbrella
Annalisa - Yellow, furniture
Leonardo - Red, musical instrument
Tia - White, wallpaper

Unrelated News
Welp, life is boring so there's not really anything to put here... All I'll be doing is watching Pokemon (which you already know anyway), so umm yeaaaah. Cya!


  1. 'A commemorative photo with the snow family'
    Made me laugh with that half melted mum lol


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