Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 184

Last Nights Caper
Ok you probably know what I ended up doing lol.

Day 184
Well, all the cedars that I planted yesterday ended up growing, so that was a good thing. I don't plan on showing them off yet, though, as I want to have a lot more planted in the northern parts of my town before I showcase them (and I only planted four yesterday lol).

Redd was visiting today. I'll admit, I saw the snow covered top of the tent and thought it was Katrina, but it wasn't. Oh well, I'm sure we'll get her at least once more before the new year. I walked into Redd's tent and looked at his arts. As usual, the sculpture was a fake...

Fake - Fujin is on the wrong side

Real - there is no fake

Fake - the head should have a flat top

Fake - she shell should be open

I decided to build a snowboy as today's snowman, and as before, I built him with the wrong dimentions. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get it right one of these days... In all honesty, I just want to collect the snowtyke items, then I'll just spam with snowboy's and snowmen, just to get the ski and snowman set. Of course, as I didn't build him perfectly, I won't be getting a gift.

There didn't seem to be any luck in the other snowmen departments either... Today's bingo number rolled me a 50, a number which I didn't have on my card. Oh well, I've had a number on my card every day so far, I guess you can't win them all.

I guess the Nooklings had heard me plea because they had a piece of Jingle furniture that I needed - the table. I'm not sure how many more items I need, but I've got just over a week to collect it all - let's hope we can complete it in time!

Christmas Caper
I didn't manage to catch Alfonso today, so I didn't get the chance to pester him about his Toy Day wishes, so I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Bree - Pink, plant
Purrl - White, appliance Moved Out
Ricky - Black, clothing
Jacques - White, furniture
Frita - Yellow, instrument
Rosie - Red, umbrella
Annalisa - Yellow, furniture
Leonardo - Red, musical instrument
Tia - White, wallpaper
Alfonso - ???

Unrelated News
Ughh. Boring days, such boring days I have now lol. Cya!


  1. Oh, well I hope things become more exciting! I know that my town becomes really boring sometimes too!

  2. Ikr, Appleby is a little boring sometimes, but I always seem to have someone willing to chat xD


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