Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 187

Last Nights Caper
Idk I watched Pokemon I think that's all I did??

Day 187

The weather was cloudy today, I was hoping for some snow, but it never happened... But I enjoyed the clouds none the less.
I had some mail, which was from the Snowtyke, but it was yet another matryoshka... I guess I could probably trade my extra off if I can't get the other items.We'll see how it goes.

As I was emptying out my pockets, and closed my wardrobe, in came Bree. I invited her in, but she didn't seem to stay for too long. Maybe she had a date with Ricky?

Frita suggested we build a scarecrow, sadly I went a little too fast and skipped the first dialogue window, but I managed to snap the rest. I don't think I'll build it though. I'm definitely not 100% against it, but I'm not 100% for it...

As for them snowballs, I had a little trouble finding the second one, so I save + quit to reset their positions, and managed to find both rather quickly. I build a snowman and played a game of bingo, and rolled number 37. Were certainly getting closer to bingo.

Christmas Caper
Someone actually suggested a name for this, Christmas Checklist. I actually like it, a lot, but I'm way too lazy to go through and edit them all... Idk
As for Alfonso, as per usual, he just kept telling me he wanted something gray... Ok buddy, you gotta tell me what else you want sometime... I guess I'll keep trying.

Bree - Pink, plant
Purrl - White, appliance Moved Out
Ricky - Black, clothing
Jacques - White, furniture
Frita - Yellow, instrument
Rosie - Red, umbrella
Annalisa - Yellow, furniture
Leonardo - Red, musical instrument
Tia - White, wallpaper
Alfonso - Gray, ???

Unrelated News
Amazing race on tonight, woo! Then not sure what I should do after that though, probably watch Pokemon. Cya!


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