Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 190

Last Nights Caper
Pretty sure I watched Pokemon but I honestly don't remember.

Day 190
Ten more days until we've reached 200! That honestly went by so quick (maybe the ~30 day hiatus during exams sped it up a little??), but lets get on to today!

First thing I noticed was Phineas waling around. I didn't think I'd actually done anything worthwhile for a badge, so it was a nice surprise to see him. He gave me a badge for having a good green thumb - I guess planting these tree's is doing something for him.

There was a lost item hidden behind the snowboy, so I picked it up and went to search for its owner. I managed to find the owner reasonably quick (Rosie), and she gave me a clothes closet as a thanks.

And then Leonardo told me he wanted to move out on the 29th (at least its was after Toy Day!). I decided to let him go as he hasn't had much of an impact (and for some reason I find Jock villagers really annoying), so he will be saying farewell to Skyfall on the 29th.

I figured it'd be easier to give the snowmen their own heading from now on instead of trying to weave it in to the days blog post (which is sometimes a challenge). So today I made another Snowman, bringing it to a total of three (though one should melt away tomorrow I think, and I'll probably make a snowboy). Only two of the three snowmen rolled a number I needed, but our third one had a number I needed for almost completing a row, I now have a triple ding or whatever which is apparently rarer than bingo itself... Also forgot to take a picture of the card after the second punch-out so sorry!

Christmas Checklist
I decided to change the title to what was suggested (but too lazy to go back and change them all so I'll probably keep them as is unless I get really bored one day). Only two more days until Toy Day~~

Bree - Pink, plant
Purrl - White, appliance Moved Out
Ricky - Black, clothing
Jacques - White, furniture
Frita - Yellow, instrument
Rosie - Red, umbrella
Annalisa - Yellow, furniture
Leonardo - Red, musical instrument
Tia - White, wallpaper
Alfonso - Gray, clothing

Unrelated News
I have a headache (again), so I don't want to spend a lot of time typing this out - but tomorrow I've got to go off to the country (oh joy), which is like an hour or two away, and being Australia, it's going to be so hot, and I'm leaving early in the morning, and I've gotta spend a bit of time there (for university reasons), so I'm not too sure when I'll get home, and if I have a headache, then I might not even play/blog - but I will try my best to get a post up! Cya!


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