Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 192: Toy Day

Last Nights Caper
Honestly I don't even remember any that I did last night so I can't possibly include it here lol

Day 192

No snow... I would've liked snow on Toy Day, but we at least there was an aurora at night, so that made up for it I guess. I also had to make last minute preps for Toy Day (namely making sure I had the entire outfit) - but the Able Sisters had all the clothing pieces in stock so it didn't matter if I hadn't gotten them already, I could easily buy them.

The bulletin board also had an announcement for Toy Day, I was actually rather excited for this event to come!

Today I mad another snowman, bring g a total of four snowmen to Skyfall. But even with the high numbers, I only had one number on my card.... I think I'll keep making snowmen until I get bingo again, and then I'll try my luck at making snowboys

Toy Day

I'm not too sure how I'm going to incorporate this lol. Most of it's dialogue and there isn't really much to add to it. Basically, I got everyone's gifts correct, and Jingle rewarded me with a festive wreath.

Frita kinda walked in mid-conversation so I guess it wasn't much of a secret like Jingle wanted it to be...

For those who find it easier to look at writing instead of pictures, I'll list the checklist with everyone's corresponding item:
Bree - Pink, plant: Plum Bonsai
Ricky - Black, clothing: BB tee
Jacques - White, furniture: Cream Sofa
Frita - Yellow, instrument: Drum Set
Rosie - Red, umbrella: Red Umbrella
Annalisa - Yellow, furniture: Lemon Table
Leonardo - Red, musical instrument: Electric Guitar
Tia - White, wallpaper: Modern Screen
Alfonso - Gray, clothing: Gray Tank

And here are some more pictures of the lovely aurora, along with the festive wreath Jingle gave me. I should also be getting his picture in the mail tomorrow.

Unrelated News
Yeah I was tired today and I'm tired now so I'm off. Cya!


  1. Some toys are so cool that they are fine purchasing as single-use items, but wherever possible I look for toys that can be used in more than one way.


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