Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 193

Last Nights Caper
Again, I don't really remember, I was pretty tired, so I think I slept lol.

Day 193

Snow day woo! I was actually pretty happy to have snow on Christmas. I'm not too sure if I've mentioned this before, but whenever it's raining IRL, and snowing/raining in-game (depending on the season), I always seem to find that enjoyable. Something I've wanted since City Folk (since Wii had the weather channel), was that the game would sync in to the weather and the simulate the weather you were experiencing in game as well as in real life. And it was raining today, and snowing in game, so I always enjoy it when that happens.

Jingle had mailed me his picture as a reward for getting all gifts to my residents correct. There was nothing too special about it, though.

To top off the day, we also had a camper in Skyfall today, and it was Whitney (again?). I'm pretty sure I already had her visit during my ~month long hiatus... Thought it was kinda weird to see her again lol. I spammed her with conversation to try get her to play a game and give me part of the winter camping set, but she just kept telling me she wanted to move in, I declined her request though.

I started out by getting the bingo numbers, though I only got two of three numbers. After that, I decided to try my luck at building a snowboy, which I of course, built wrong.

Unrelated News
Well I've got some contest stuff to do so I'm off. Cya!


  1. Omg I had Rosie as a camper on that day and Whitney is one of my villagers.

  2. I had Whitney in wild world and she is my babe, i wish i had her in my current world. :(


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