Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 194

Last Nights Caper
Uhh, I just enjoyed eating turkey (omg I love that stuff so much you have no idea). And yeah that was about it lol.

Day 194
We're getting closer and closer to 200 days, it's crazy, can not wait until we reach the benchmark!

Today it was snowing again in Skyfall, I always enjoy the snow, so I enjoyed today. Redd had set his tent up in the town, and as usual, he had his 4 pieces of art for sale. Luckily this time, he had a piece we needed, and it was a sculpture, so I bought it. Still waiting on Katrina though, there is only a few days left for her to visit (Friday, Saturday, and Monday - op only three days left), and then it's the new year. I'd love to her it unlocked before the start of 2014, but I'm not too fussed if we miss that mark.

Fake - the person in the white suit should be on the other side

Fake - the shell should be open

Real - the palm is facing up

Fake - it has an orange headband

I actually tried to make a snowboy today, but it ended up turning into a snowman... And somehow it was perfect??? Once I saw it was a snowman I was like 'darn must've not made it perfect' and initially thought I should try for another piece of the snowtyke items because he wasn't perfect - but he was... But at least today all three numbers rolled were ones that I needed.

Unrelated News
...yeah. A boring day today. I really need to play some more though... Anyway, I'm off to eat some Turkey, and then wait for The Amazing Race to come on. Cya!


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