Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 196

Last Nights Caper
Again, I really don't remember lol. I should probably keep tabs on what I do just so I have something to put here but...

Day 196

Snow again?? Seriously. This is like four of five days in a row now I believe... I'm not complaining though! I love it.
Leonardo had moved out, the area where his house used to be was now a patch of dirt. I hope someone nice moves in now, and hopefully in his spot. It was a nice spot where he had his house, it wasn't too in the way, and it wasn't too out of the way. Let's hope we have someone nice move in.

Ricky suggested a public work project, the rack of rice. I remember seeing this in the Japanese version and wondering what the hell it was, but it's just a rice stack... I really don't see any significance to it lol, so I doubt i'll end up building it.

I made yet another snowman today, and both rolled numbers which I needed on my card. I'm getting closer to bingo. I kinda feel like I should try collect all the snowtyke items, but like I don't know... Maybe in the future I'll work on that. In all honesty, I don't even know why I'm trying to collect the ski set, I don't even like it that much lol.

Unrelated News
Yeah, sorry for yet another short post. I am actually working on non-AC related projects right now, but AC still remains high on my priorities list. I do plan on getting back into the groove eventually (maybe on new years??). Also I've got an 18th tomorrow night, so tomorrow's post might be a little later than usual. Cya!


  1. Hahaha, Oh Ricky! ^_^

  2. Yesterday for the snowboy you have to make the head a little smaller but the body is okay.


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