Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 168 & 169

Day 168
My mail box was flashing, and inside, was a gift from Gulliver, a pair of gladiator sandals. It was nice to get the sandals, it's a nice change instead of the usual piece of furniture you get given.

I also scurried around town for the final mushroom for 2013. You'd think on the last day I'd get lucky and get a piece I still needed... Nope. I got another mush stool. I guess I'll have to buy or trade for the remaining pieces later.

I also spotted Saharah wondering around near the town tree. I don't believe I've had her for a while (or at least, I don't get her as often as I seem to get other villagers). So I took her up on her offer, and took her back to my house. She ended up giving me a modern tile and a kitchen wall - I don't believe any are exclusives, oh well.

Gracie also had her final set of sale items in stock, tomorrow she will have a brand new series in stock. I'm not too sure what it is because I don't keep up to date with her stockings. But I believe it'll be either the princess of gorgeous set.

Day 169

Look at it! LOOK AT IT!!! That date!! 01/12!! DECEMBER IS FINALLY HERE (I think that line perfectly captures my excitement when I woke up this morning). Tbh though here in Australia I'm not a huge fan of December (as it's summer and there are 503270523 bush fires), but I've always liked it in Animal Crossing, as it has so many nostalgic feelings, so it was lovely to see the month finally come! It'll be even better once the snow hits!

Even the holly bushes were flowering.

As I was roaming around, Rosie asked if I could fetch her a piece of fruit. Thanks to a new tip I had heard, I decided to give her a piece of foreign perfect fruit in an attempt to get her picture. I went to my house and pulled a perfect orange from my drawers to give to her.. but she just gave me a queen. Better than a shirt I suppose!

The Nookling's had also decided to get into the festive spirit, and have decided to stock a number of festive items. Today they had a party popper, a yellow glow wand, a jingle wall and a jingle wardrobe. I can't wait until I can collect all the beautiful festivities!!

Gracie also had her new seasonal series in stock, the gorgeous series. In all honesty, this is maybe one of my favorite Gracie series, I might consider purchasing it. No rush though, I've got a good three months until it goes away.

The Able Sisters had also started selling Santa clothing in preparation for the Christmas event! Today they only had the beard in stock, and Kicks didn't have any of the shoes either.

I also managed to catch three of the five critters I need that are available in December. The dung beetle and stringfish are the only two I need to catch for the month, but I have to wait until I can find snowballs around town to catch the dung beetle - and then the bug section of my encyclopedia will be complete! Too bad I can't get the golden net until the Bug-Off rolls around next June...

For those curious, the last of the creatures that I need are:
- Dung Beetle
- Stringfish
- Loach
- Giant Spider Crab

Unrelated News
I'd love to chat about how the party was and all that, but I had a huge idea just before I was about to write this up, which I will be posting about on Tumblr whenever I finish typing up the posts. Cya!


  1. Could You post a bug encyclopedia please?
    I cant seem to find one that is reliable.
    Thank you in advance!!!!!
    Can you tell people to visit my dream town?
    My dream code is: 7100-3047-1195


  2. I have had snow for tqo days lol,cx

  3. Hey, sorry seems I have a lot of posts to catch up on lol I need to get back into my blog routine


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