Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 201

Last Nights Caper
Just watched the tennis. I haven't actually watched Pokemon in a while, maybe I'll start watching again after the tennis is done, not too sure.

Day 201

As expected, the Gala/Leonardo spot was the new Mac/Moe/Annalisa spot, someone had moved in (I was actually trying to reserve that spot for a villager I'm after but oh well). I normally wouldn't care, but Hippeux is moving in... I've never really had him, but I had Rocco in City Folk and I wasn't a fan of the hippo villagers. Maybe he'll leave me with a good impression?

I spotted Saharah wondering around town, so I spoke with her and took her over to my house. The make over wasn't too bad, I kinda liked it, but I think I've already got both pieces of wall paper and flooring (or at least the flooring). I got the autumn wall and backgammon wall.

Ricky pinged me and informed me he would like to have a zen streetlight built. I might tear down the regular streetlight near the fountain and replace them with the zen ones, I might even tear up the fountain and put something else there, I'm not too sure.

Shortly after speaking with Ricky, Tia informed me that she planned on leaving on the 7th - she hasn't even been in Skyfall that long... I told her to stay and she decided to reconsider her plans. I really don't want her to leave, at least not now - so I'm happy that she'll be staying for that while longer.

Bingo... we got ANOTHER DING, and I'm almost certain this one put us in the position of a quintuple ding...

But... We actually built a perfect Snowboy! I'm sure it was a fluke, and tomorrow we'll make an imperfect one. Oh well, at least I'm starting to get better.

Unrelated News
Yay, worthwhile day!! Actually, I forgot to build a snowman in the day, so I went on in the afternoon where Ricky and Tia pinged, so luckily I didn't end up building a snowman in the morning. Now I'm just gonna watch the tennis so yeah. Cya!


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