Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 204

Last Nights Caper
Nothing interesting, I just watched the tennis. I did consider playing AC, but I didn't really have anything to do.

Day 204

Zucker had officially moved in today (or, at least placed his plot down). He put it in a slightly inconvenient spot, which is fine by me, as it'll be easier for me to let him go when he wants to move, and give him away to someone who wants him.

I chopped down a few trees and placed down some more paths to make the area flow better - I think I did a decent job. Though I'll probably remove the bottom left tile just to make the edges more rustic.

We also had yet another camper. When I first noticed that the campsite was occupied, I panicked a little bit as Skyfall was full, and I didn't want it to be a villager I wanted badly but they couldn't move in. Thankfully it was a villager that I wasn't too fussed on - Doc. I hope he enjoys his time in Skyfall regardless.

Frita had me do her dirty work of delivering a gift to Tia, who was literally right next to her. I didn't get anything valuable from it (I got a zipper tee, but couldn't take a photo as my SD card got filled mid-convo), but at least it ups the friend ship points, even if I am waiting for Frita to leave.

I built another Snowman just to have an extra shot at bingo. Both Snowmen in town rolled numbers we needed (though they were both on different plains), but at least its good for trying to get bingo.

Unrelated News
Yeah, again life is boring, so that's about all for here. Cya!


  1. I like how you solved the pathway problem, just gave me an idea too...I love ur it everyday...Thanks


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