Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 205

Last Nights Caper
Ughh I just did some boring things for the plans I have for the next few months. Nothing exciting.

Day 205

Zucker had officially moved in today. He actually had a pretty nice house exterior, hopefully he sticks around for a while so I can enjoy it (though he is the only lazy personality in Skyfall right now, and I am after some of the lazy public works projects). I walked into his house to greet him and he seeemed happy to see me. I look forward to seeing him walking around Skyfall.

Shortly after greeting Zucker, Rosie decided to drop the L-bomb on us. I really am not that fond of Rosie, and I did consider letting her go, but she is rather cute, so I decided to let her stay. Idk, maybe I'll let her go eventually? I'm not too sure.

All numbers I rolled today were needed on my bingo card, which was a good thing. It was made even better as all the numbers were in the same cluster, so hopefully we'll get no more sextuple dings anymore... I really want a quick bingo for once.

Unrelated News
Well , I've gone some stuff to do, so on that shirt note. Cya!


  1. I'm so jealous Zucker moved to your town! He camped in mine a while back, but I had a full roster at the time... He is modeled after one of my favorite Japanese foods: takoyaki!

  2. I've yet to see bingo. I've only built 4 snowmen total, and only 2 have been "perfect". One of the perfect ones traded snowflakes for ice decor, I guess I'll keep making snowmen... Even tho it's notmy favorite thing to do in the game! xD


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