Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 207

Last Nights Caper
Nothing. I felt sick last night so I didn't get up to anything.

Day 207

Another cloudy day... I was holding out for some snow to fall, but I had no such luck. Oh well.
Redd had his tent pitched up, and I went inside to see what was legit and what wasn't. As usual, he didn't have any real sculptures in stock, and just paintings... I'm sure we'll get some in eventually (or at least, I can only hope).

Fake - the shell is closed

Fake - her hair is too long

Fake - there is a bug bite out of one of the leaves

Real - the fingers are the same length

I built yet another snowman, and we managed to get bingo! This time we just got the ski-slope floor, but I wouldn't mind completing some more of the set.

Unrelated News
Again, sorry for the short day. I've felt sick all day and I really didn't feel like playing much. Hopefully we'll get some more done tomorrow. Cya!


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