Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 208

Last Nights Caper
As mentioned yesterday, I still felt sick, so I didn't really do anything (though I'm feeling better today so that's good).

Day 208

Whilst patrolling Skyfall doing the daily duties, I came across a lost item (I swear they're always in the same spot). I picked it up and went on to search for the owner. It took me a while to find it's owner, and even when I found the owner, I didn't get anything wroth while -  just a pink tartan shirt (I was hoping for a picture but oh well...)

On the beach, Gulliver was washed ashore, once again. I spoke with him to wake him up, and hi series of questions came soon after. It wasn't that hard to figure out where he had come from (because none of the the other options made sense). My options were:
- Malaysia
- New Zealand
- The Netherlands
- Canada

I wanted to build a Snowboy today, but I remembered I already had three Snowmen in my town, and no bingo card, so I decided to build another Snowman just to nab a bingo card, and then roll for numbers. I  believe all four numbers rolled were needed for my card (score!) and I have 3/5 for bingo. Lets hope we can get bingo quickly this time!

Unrelated News
Welp. I've got some stuff to do, so can't stay long. Cya!


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