Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 209

Last Nights Caper
Uhh I'm not entirely sure what I did lol. I think I was pretty tired and bored so I didn't end up doing much - just sleeping.

Day 209

Snow day today! I haven't seen the snow in a while so it was nice to see it after a good week or so. Tia and Zucker also had me run a few errands, though I didn't get anything worthwhile for doing them, so I've chosen not to include them. But they are some of the newest residents in Skyfall, so it is good for the friendship points (also I need to update the map in the sidebar).

Saharah was also wondering around Skyfall (still waiting on Katrina...). I spoke with her and invited me over. She ended up doing a makeover that was actually pretty good (well I liked it anyway). I believe the wall paper is exclusive - I got the summit wall and basement floor.

I actually went in to build a Snowboy, but it ended up being a Snowman? Even though the head is incredibly small, it still counts as 'perfect'... umm? Seriously, it looks so different to the other two, I don't see how it passed. But regardless, all four Snowmen rolled numbers which I needed, but I didn't get a bingo, or even a ding...

Unrelated News
Well, my drawers re getting full, with bush starts and cedar saplings, so I need to put aside some time to play so I can landscape my town and empty out my wardrobe. Not sure when I'll end up doing that, but I don't have any space left, so I've gotta do it relatively soon. Cya!


  1. I love your blog posts, I just read all of them over winter break. Something I might suggest since you're in a bit of a short post lull right now is a town walkthrough? Like going around the town and showing what all the PWPs look like and all the landscaping and stuff. I personally would love to see that.


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