Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 213

Last Nights Caper
I was tired from my busy day and I also had to get up early so I ended up sleeping and didn't get up to much.

Day 213

Well it was cloudy, so I was hoping for some snow, and I was in luck! Whilst making a Snowman the snow began to fall, and it was lovely.

A number of things happened in town today. Firstly I spammed my villagers with conversations as best I could. only Bree and Tia asked for something, though (actually Zucker asked for a centipede but I was too lazy to go find one so I declined his request). Tia wanted to come over to my house right away, and I let her. Funny thing is she never wanted to leave. She was there for a good ten minutes, and didn't leave until I actually decided to leave.

Bree also wanted her winter sweater replaced. I didn't really know what to put in its place, I like putting items that that match the theme of their house, but I didn't have any regal items on me (actually I had a regal bed on me but I've been meaning to send that back to Tia after she put it up for sale in Re-Tail). I found a loom in the Nooklings so I bought that and gave it to her. She seemed to like it (and it matched her house), and she gave me the old winter sweater as a thank you gift.

Amazingly, Re-Tail was buying turnips for a whopping 510 bells! Sadly, I didn't have any turnips which needed selling, and none of my friends were online in time to come over and sell theirs, so the spike kinda went to waste, but it was nice to see this lovely spike in the prices.

Redd had also decided to pitch his tent in town today (still waiting for Katrina). He didn't have any statues in stock today that were real (as usual), but he did have a painting that I needed (or at least that I think I need). Last time I thought he had a painting I needed, turns out I had already donated it so...

Fake - the hair should be short

Real - there is no fake

Fake - the fingers should be the same length

Fake - the head should be looking behind

Well again, two snowmen, but no bingo... I'm sure we'll get there eventually, though. I really just wish we could have a quick bingo for once.

Unrelated News
I was actually rather busy today, but I still managed to squeeze a decent amount of gameplay in, so kudos to me. But yeah, nothing really to discuss, so... Cya!


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