Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 214

Last Nights Caper
I kinda caved with my high turnip prices and went over to someone whose town was on Sunday to buy some turnips, which I sold for some profit.

Day 214

Well, thanks to last nights turnip haul, I managed to scrape up enough profit to have Phineas come give me the gold turnip badge. My badge set is coming across nicely, from memory I think it's around 50% complete (though in reality it's probably only like 25% complete). I really should work on snagging some more badges.

The bulletin board seemed to shed some light on Skyfall, telling us that there was a snowstorm on its way. I hope this means we get a load of snow in the coming days, I kinda miss it. I just wish it was snowing 24/7 lol. I guess when you live in a place that doesn't get snow during winter, you always look forward to it in-game.

Villager spamming also went well. Ricky invited me over, and it was a "come right now" situation so it was even better. I don't think anyone else gave me any chores. Tia gave me a request to get her a  new piece of furniture but there was nothing that I liked for her in store so that just went begging.

A dud day today... I built the Snowboy's head too large so he wasn't perfect, and both the Snowmen rolled numbers which I didn't need...

Unrelated News
Yeah, nothing really went on today. I tried to get chores but they just seemed interested in telling me about the fishing tourney... Oh well. I've got a slight headache so I'm gonna go lie down. Cya!


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