Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 216

Last Nights Caper
Slept early because I had to get up early today, so I didn't get up to anything that interesting.

Day 216

A nice sunny day today. We had some male, specifically from the Snoyboy, who sent us a thank you gift. He attached a snowman floor (not something I was after), though I've only made a perfect Snowboy a couple of times, so I'm sure I'll get the pieces I'm more sought after sooner or later.

Annalisa had finally moved houses, now the southern part of town is looking incredibly empty. I have considered making an additional character and having them place their house down there, but I also like the idea of setting up a nice public work projects area there (I've always wanted the windmill on that cliff, I've jut yet to have it requested). Not too sure what I'll do with it yet (also I need to update the map in the sidebar, oops).

I was aware the fishing tourney was coming up, but I wasn't aware of what the day was, so when I checked the bulletin board it was a nice surprise finding out that it would be tomorrow, I guess Zucker's constnt reminders didn't make me remember. I'll try my best to participate tomorrow, even though I'm not really looking for that much (trophies don't mean much to me, nor does the fishing set), but I'll see how much I can get.

I've been getting lazy of searching around town for special visitors, so I've found it easier to just speak with Booker at the police station. Today, he informed he Saharah was walking around town, so I went to find her and invited her over for an interior makeover. She ended up giving me a flower pop floor and a music room wall. I believe only the wallpaper is an exclusive.

I goofed up again and made a Snowman before I got the numbers on my already existing Snowman, and rolled bingo, so I lost a Snowman for the day. Oh well, I'll learn eventually. As mentioned, I got bingo, and got a slalom gate in return.

Unrelated News
Eh, I really haven't felt that great today, and I didn't even have that great a day to begin with, so I don't want to mention anything about it LOL. Cya!


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