Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 217

Last Nights Caper
I was feeling unwell so didn't feel like staying up, so ended up sleeping relatively early.

Day 217

I had to go out in the afternoon, so I didn't get a lot of time participating in the fishing tourney. I didn't get home until around 5pm, but once I got home, I tried my hardest to collect as many pond smelts as possible.

It was hard to find pond smelts at first. First, I thought they were the smallest size fish that were found in the river (the tiny size), but I kept pulling out sweetfish. It wasn't until I googled them that pond smelts were actually the next size up. Once I found that out, I was pulling pond smelts out left, right and center, though, it was hard getting one that beat the current record (yes, I also went back to put on my fishing outfit).

After I good amount of fishing, I finally found a decent sized fish - 7 inches. It wasn't enough to get me first place, but it managed to push me up to second.

At this time it was almost 6pm, the time the tourney ends. So I went to have dinner and do a few things, and then came back about half hour later to attend the ceremony. I got a nice silver trophy, which I think I needed.

I almost gave up on today's Snowman. I honestly could not find any snowballs during the fishing tourney, so I'm assuming they don't spawn during the tourney? It wasn't until after the tourney that I could find them. I pushed them together and made a Snowman, and both my Snowmen in town rolled numbers which I needed.

Unrelated News
Eh, nothing really interesting is going on right now, just watching the tennis. I'm sure sooner or later my life will become more interesting in the near future and then I'll have something more decent to put here. Until then. Cya!


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