Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 218

Last Nights Caper
Really don't remember again lol. I think I just cleaned up my room and watched some TV, ate some food, the usual stuff.

Day 218

Whilst doing my daily duties as mayor, and speaking with the residents, Zucker wanted me to come over right away. We weren't that far from his house so I decided to accept his offer. We reached his house and I walked in. I think Zucker's furniture is pretty close to his default style, so his house always looks good.

I didn't want to be a rude guest and not talk to him, so I spoke to him a few times, and then he told me I could buy something at his house. I really like his house so I didn't want to buy anything (except the fish but that wasn't for sale). I didn't want to decline his offer as I didn't know if it affected friendship points or not, so I bought the garbage pale in the bottom left corner.

Ricky also had a time capsule which he wanted burying. I decided to fulfill his request and I took the capsule next to his house, as usual. I wasn't sure if there'd be any space next to his house, but there was, so that's where I buried the capsule.

Skyfall must've had a lot going on today with its residents, because I found a lost item up near the northern part of town. I picked it up and looked for its owner. After looking around for the villager this item belonged to, I finally found its owner, Jacques - who gave me a coconut.

Today we built a Snowboy, which we built perfect. It looks like I'm finally getting the hang of making these guys. I'll probably go back to building the entire snow-family after I collect a few more Snowman and Snowboy pieces, just so I can grab some more of the Snowtyke items. As for the Snowmen, we only rolled one number which we needed.

Unrelated News
I went out today so I didn't get to do a lot, but unlike yesterday, I managed to do the majority of my duties before I left to go out. I've also got to try get my sleeping schedule back on track, and need to fix my room up and the like. I guess life is getting a little more interesting, but nothing too juicy lol. Cya!

Oops still haven't updated the map in the sidebar


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