Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 219

Last Nights Caper
Well yeah I just slept. The tennis ends in a few days, so I'm hoping once that ends I'll get back into watching Pokemon. Not sure if that's 100% though, I do want to try get back into watching it.

Day 219

It was a nice sunny day today, and in my mailbox was a thank you letter from yesterdays Snowboy, with a snowman clock attached. I actually think this one is pretty cute, much better than any previous rewards I've received.

Speaking with the residents, Zucker wanted me to deliver a gift to Bree. I accepted his request and took it over to her - only to find the Bree said she wanted the gift from Zucker to give to me, a very confusing saga. I ended up getting a pink parka for my efforts (not sure why Zucker thought I would've wanted that...)

Tia also hinted that she wanted to move... again. She only told me she wanted to move not too long ago, maybe not even a week. I guess she is eager to leave Skyfall, but I told her to stay anyway, and she decided to reconsider. So I guess she'll be staying.

Last time I checked the museum we only need two or three fossils left. I've had no luck in finding any of the ones that I needed. Today, however, I managed to snag the final part of the Diplodocus that I needed. Now there should only be one or two fossils left to be donated, and then we've done 1/4 of the museum. The bug section would also be complete if I didn't forget to donate the walking leaf, and the fish section should be done by March - not sure about the art section though, that'll probably take a long time.

I must've made a mistake somewhere during my Snowman building because I already had two Snowmen in my town, and since we built a Snowboy yesterday, that meant we should build another Snowman today, and it'd be a 3:1 ratio, not the 2:2 - so to even it out I made another Snowboy, which I made perfect. I hope I'm done with the imperfect days.

Additionally, bingo managed to give us two numbers which we needed, but no bingo. To be fair, I did only start bingo I couple of days ago, so I'm not expecting to hit bingo right off the bat but it would be nice, though.

Unrelated News
Well it rained today so I didn't really get the chance to do anything. I'm gonna go have dinner now so yeah. Cya!


  1. Hey Jake Von Scott can we be friends in animal crossing new leaf?


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