Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 221

Last Nights Caper
Don't really remember what I did, mustn't have been anything exciting.

Day 221

Today Soleil had moved in, and as her house was just to the right of mine, I decided to drop by and visit her. She's still as cute as a remember, despite plonking her house in an inconvenient spot. Let's just hope I can build up the friendship level and score her picture by the time she moves.

We had our first camper in about a week or so. I was a little worried, I really don't like my town being full, just in case we get a camper who I absolutely love and want to move in, but wont be able to since Skyfall is full. Thankfully today we dodged that bullet, as we had Gladys in the campsite (or igloo). I was going to go back and visit her to play games and try score some items, but I did a fair bit today, so I didn't get around to it.

My villagers kept my busy for the majority of the day as they had me running around town like a mad man to complete their chores. First, Ricky wanted me to catch him any kind of ocean fish. I contemplated declining his request, as I know he'll replace something good in his house to make room for his new fish, but I figured I'd just send his items back to him. I ended up catching him a red snapper, and I got a lovely carpet in return.

Shortly after, Tia also had a similar request, except she wanted a river fish instead of one fro the ocean. I accepted and went off to catch a pond smelt, which I gave to her, and received a cycling shirt in return.

Bree also wanted something small to fit in her house. There wasn't any furniture that I had that I wanted in her house, but Leif did have some sunflowers in his store, so I decided to purchase them and hand them over, she seemed to like them, and gave me a pink velvet stool as a thank you gift.

And as for today's final chore, Zucker had a gift he wanted delivering to Rosie. Of course, it was one of the annoying 'guess the gift and you get to keep it', and as usual, I got it wrong, guessing furniture, when it turned out to be clothing. Oh well.

Unlike yesterday, I remembered that Frita was sick, and bought her some medicine. She should be feeling better soon.

Two Snowmen, but no bingo. At least were a little closer to bingo, but let's hope we can get it within a few days. I forgot to take a picture after I punched out #47 (but you can see where it is from the previous screenshot).

Unrelated News
I did a bit of stuff today, I'm pretty happy with what I managed to fit in.In addition, I also got around to updating the town map, and I also updated and remade the header, now it should have my new dream address. Hope you guys like it. Cya!


  1. If you forget about a sick person and it's too late to buy medicine, find a beehive, get stung and ask an uchi or smug villager


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