Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 222

Last Nights Caper
I got into bed pretty late and by the time I got into bed I didn't feel like doing anything, so I slept. Tbh I only made this 'last nights caper' section to blog about stuff that I did after during the night after the blog post, but as I don't play in the night much anymore I am considering removing this section... But I'm just so OCD attached to it I don't wanna remove it lol.

Day 222

As Soleil's house was only a small bit to the right of my house, I decided to drop by and see if she was home. She was, and she had Bree visiting (both Skyfall's snooty villagers together in one house!), though none of them were doing anything interesting. I spoke with them a couple of times each, but none of them had any chores that needed doing. But I did get to see the inside of Soleil's house!

I remembered Frita was sick, so I went to the Nooklings to buy some medicine to her, but there was Frita, walking around! I guess I took too long to get medicine to her and she got better on her own terms... oops.

Whilst I was spamming villagers with conversation in hopes to get some chores, Jacques suggested we play a game of hide and seek. I accepted his request and he gathered Alfonso and Bree along with himself to hide. I had 10 minutes to find them all, and managed to do so. He gave me a lattice wall as a reward.

Alfonso tryna be sneaky hiding behind his own house

After hide and seek I spoke with Bree, and she was interested in visiting me. She wanted to come over right away, so I saw no reason to decline her request. She stayed in my house for a rather long time, and didn't seem interested in leaving. After a while I just decided to leave myself, and have her follow me. She also seemed to think that Tia would like to see my house sometime.

Zucker, again, wanted me to come over and visit him. He didn't even see to know where his house was, even though he was right out the front of it... lol. He also wanted me to buy something from his house, and since the lower left corner seemed a little empty as I recently bought his garbage pale, I decided to remove that emptiness and buy the barrel.

Well, today was an OK day in the Snowmen department. I managed to make yet another perfect Snowboy, and I got a double ding on my first Snowman roll (well the Snowman only ding's once but there were two ways to get bingo from it). Sadly, our second Snowman missed a number I needed after just a few characters.

Unrelated News
Nothing interesting other than I plan to send my 3DS in for repairs tomorrow, as the battery is faulty/loose and needs fixing (if you tap the back of the 3DS it turns off because the battery is loose). This should affect my blogging schedule since I can just play on a different 3DS, but just thought you guys might be interested. Cya!


  1. Hi Jake! Super cool blog you have here. I'm trying to complete the minimalist set. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. If you still need the series, I have all the pieces of it!

  2. Wow your house is simply beautiful! :D


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