Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 223

Last Nights Caper
Uhh nothing oops life is boring sorry.

Day 223

A letter from the Snowboy came today, wish a gift attached as always, but this was just a boring snowman lamp. I don't really lie the lamp, but I don't have it so I'm fine with that.

I guess since we haven't had anyone leave, or ask to leave and successfully leave, in a long time, every resident is asking to leave to leave some space in Skyfall. Today Rosie tried to get away from Skyfall, but I managed to convince her otherwise. I'm just waiting for Frita to ask to leave, and I'll send her on her way.

I was yet again in the dreaded position of having a camper in town, whilst having town full. Thankfully again it wasn't a villager I wanted to move in, it was just Annalise, I'm really not a fan of horse villagers. I should've gone back to play some games with her, but I didn't end up getting any time to go back.

Saharah was in town today, but as usual, she didn't give me anything I was after. I don't even think she gave me any exclusives. I got an astro wall and a red tile, I know for sure that the wall isn't an exclusive, and I don't think the floor is an exclusive either, I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

I tried to get my villagers to have me do a number of chores, but none of them seemed interested in giving me anything to do, and were much happier telling me about random stuff I didn't care about too much. It was only Jacques who wanted me to fetch him a piece of fruit for his hungry stomach. I went to my wardrobe and got out a perfect orange, and he gave me a table lamp in exchange.

Oops. Made today's Snowboy imperfect, and I totally forgot to get the Snowmen bingo numbers since I was so busy (I'll do that after I'm done posting this).

Unrelated News
I didn't get around to mailing my 3DS off, I was busy all day, and didn't get a chance to call up and see if it's fixable under warranty (I'm 99% sure it is though, just want to make sure). Unfortunately, tomorrow is Saturday, and Nintendo AU calling services aren't open on weekends, and Monday is a public holiday, so I can't get onto it until Tuesday... I do kinda wanna move back to my regular 3DS just so I don't have my 3DS turn off during gameplay and lose everything I did for that day, but I'm not too sure - we'll see. But anywho.. Cya!


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