Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 225

Last Nights Caper
Nothing, I slept earlier than usual so I didn't have much time before going to sleep to play anyway.

Day 225

I really wanted to get  lot of chores fro residents today, so I tried my best to spam each villager with conversation until they gave me a job to do. Some were stubborn so I didn't get any chores from them, but enough of them had jobs that needed doing to keep me busy.

Firstly, Zucker wanted me to visit him, however it wasn't a 'come over right now' visit - we had to set a time. Of course, knowing me, I'd forget, so I sadly had to decline his request. Sorry Zucker!

Bree wanted a petition that needed signatures from another town. I waited out a few hours until Shannon came online, and visited her town, where I managed to get a full six signatures. I was hoping Bree would give me her photo as a thank you gift, but nope. She gave me a tree standee.

Jacques wanted a gift delivered to Ricky. He wasn't too hard to find, as he was in his house. I handed the gift over, but he handed it back to me, claiming the first was originally for me. It wasn't anything special though, just a music stand.

Whilst I was in Ricky's house I decided to speak with him to see if I could get a chore out of him, and luckily enough, I did. He wanted me to deliver him a pear, I thought I had a perfect pear that I could've given to him, but I just had a regular pear, and he gave me a kiddie wall clock.

Moe also popped up on Main Street. He might've been there before, but I don't recall ever seeing him. So  decided to include it. Not sure who the next resident to pop up should be, maybe Rod? I'm too lazy to check but it's whoever is underneath Moe in the sidebar.

Well I needed a bingo card so I made a Snowman, and both Snowmen in town rolled numbers we needed. 

Unrleated News
Boring life is boring lol. Not really sure what to put here. I did feel like playing a lot more today than yesterday, I even played a fair bit of A Link Between Worlds lol, and even watched a few episodes of Pokemon. But yeah. Cya!


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