Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 226

Last Nights Caper
Early night, so didn't end up doing anything. I really doubt I'll play at night time regularly any time soon. the only reason I ever play at night if if there's some night time event going on (which is pretty much never), or I forget to do something during the day. I do want to try get back into the habit of playing at night time again, though.

Day 226

Since Soleil was right near my house, I decided to see if I could get her to issue me a chore. Luckily on the first attempt she wanted a gift delivering to Jacques. I took the gift off her hands and went off to find Jacques.

Jacques was just a little to the north of Soleil (okay, maybe a more than a 'little'), and as soon as I approached him, he pinged. He told me he would be leaving on the 1st of next month, and I decided to let him go. I'll finally be able to get back on track to landscaping that area of town before he planted his house smack-bang in the middle of the path. Now just to get rid of Frita and I can work more on the other island.

After telling me he planned on leaving, I spoke to him again to hand over the gift Soleil got for him. It turned out to be a sparkle tee, which I made him wear (lol). If I recall correctly, it's actually the shirt Julian used to wear, so I decided to make him wear it just 'cause I thought it would be funny. He seemed to think he looked ok, I personally though he looked... unique? He ended up giving me an orange for my troubles.

I spoke with Zucker but he only wanted to trade my banded dragonfly (which I caught yesterday in Shannon's town), but I didn't accept his offer - I didn't want him to mess up his house.

When I was speaking with Bree she was adamant on coming over this afternoon. I ummed and ahhed for a short while before taking a gamble and accepting her offer. She wanted to come over at 4pm, and I believe when she asked to come over it was around 3:30. I did a few things until around 3:50 and then walked into my house and sat my 3DS on my bed, waiting for 4pm.

When 4pm hit she came barging in, and stayed for a good 20 minutes. I tried doing the 'show them all rooms and they will leave' trick, but for some reason, she wouldn't walk into the left/sleek room.. Oh well, I didn't have any other plans to do anything else.

In between the time waiting for Bree to visit, Jacques pinged, once again, and suggested a public works project. We honesty haven't had one suggested in what seems like forever, so it was nice to have one suggested. It was funny, 'cause not long before he pinged, I was only thinking we hadn't had one suggested in a while. None the less, he ended up suggesting the parabolic antenna, which I really don't think I'll ever build. Oh well.

It was a good Snowman day today - I made our Snowboy perfect, and both our Snowmen rolled numbers which we needed, getting us closer to bingo. I really really really hope we can push bingo over in a few days.

Unrelated News
I've got lots of things to do tomorrow, so I've gotta get up early, and then Wednesday I've gotta head back out the the country, so I need to wake incredibly early since it takes around 2 hours give or take to get there, and I need to be there by 10am... RIP me, but that's just over a day away... Cya!


  1. I had willow ping me to move today and she had her house in a horrible place so I said yes. She also will be gone on the 1st of next month lol.


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