Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 227

Last Nights Caper
Like I think I mentioned yesterday, had lots to do this morning, so I ended up sleeping early so I'd wake earlier and fit more into my day.

Day 227

I actually got home around midday but I didn't end up playing until the evening because I kept getting distracted doing pointless things like nitty-gritty tidying and finding food etc... lol
In my mailbox was a letter from the Snowboy, who sent us a snowman wall as a thank you gift for making him perfect. I don't think I ever showed off the snowman floor either, so I spread both the flooring and wallpaper for the picture.

However, before I was about to spread them Ricky decided to drop by. I guess this is a good thing as it shows that I have near-maximum friendship with him, so getting his photograph should be easy, considering I put in the effort. He didn't actually stay for long, I don't think he stayed any longer than 30 seconds...

Outside my house, Rosie seemed to be in quiet the dilemma with her toilet... She was just in a bit of a pickle, and needed a helping hand - so I decided to take one of her extra toilets off her hands. I'll admit, the situation did put a smile on my face, and I may or may not have laughed a few times.

The campsite (or igloo? still not sure what to call it lol) was in use today. I once again had a small panic as I feared it'd be a villager that I wanted to move in, but luckily it was Bianca. If I had room, I probably would have asked her to move in, just because I think she's kinda cute, and from what I've seen from others' screenshots, her house interior is pretty nice. But alas, we were full, so I couldn't invite her in, but I'm not overly upset by it.

Whilst trying to score a chore or two out of Tia, she suggested we play a game of hide-and-seek. Of course, I accepted her proposal, and I headed off to find the three hiding villagers. They weren't too hard to find, and I got given a partition screen for my efforts.

After I'd taken a short break to have dinner, when I came back on to resume and finish off gameplay, I found Phineas walking around Skyfall. I'm not really expecting any badges other than the gold badge for custom designing as I'm constantly sending my toy camera to Cyrus for a makeover, but to my surprise,it was actually the silver badge for the catalog. I really wasn't expecting this one.

We also scored lucky on the fossil find, as one of my two fossils was one that Blathers needed in the fossil wing of the museum. Again, to my surprise, it was actually the final fossil that needed donating, and I finally had completed my first museum room. Now we just need to wait until March for the fish section, June or July (I forget which) for the bug section, and then however long until Redd decides to get his act together until we complete the art wing.

Yet another lucky Snowman day, we built the Snowboy perfect, and both Snowmen rolled numbers we needed, one even landed us a ding, though knowing my luck I'm not expecting bingo for another week. I got lucky, when I rolled today's Snowboy I thought the base was a little too big, so I rolled it over some dirt to make it smaller. Luckily I did because he turned out perfect.

Unrelated News
Should've really kept this short but I was in such a writing mood that I wanted to write as much as possible. I really should be sleeping right now because I've gotta get up 6:30/7 tomorrow to go to the country (oh joy) and I really should've done this post a few hours ago but I got sucked into watching one of my favorite cooking shows (lol) and when that finished I really don't know where the time went.

But yeah, tomorrows escapades shouldn't really effect gameplay, I've only gotta be there until 11am, and so I should be home by 2pm at latest, which isn't really that bad. I'm kind excited to go tomorrow (which is why I probably typed a lot 'cause I'm too excited to sleep lol), but I know if I don't get enough sleep tomorrow will be a nightmare. Cya!


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