Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 229

Last Nights Caper
I slept straight after yesterdays post, so I didn't end up doing anything afterwards.

Day 229

First thing I wanted to do was go straight to the Town Hall to celebrate the completion of the Fortune-Tellers Shop. So I did exactly that, I headed on right over to the Town Hall and spoke with Isabelle, and we went to hold the completion ceremony.

It was nice to see Soleil at the ceremony, but I would've liked either Ricky or Bree there, it doesn't feel complete when they're not there... I also probably should have cleaned up the items around the station, but I totally forgot they were there, and I didn't really want to reset just to clear away the items for a clean photo, hope you can deal with the mess lol.

I then headed on over to Main Street to walk into my newly made shop. It was a little bigger than her tent, but nothing much inside had changed. I spoke to her to get my fortune for the day - but it was something I had received before.
Katrina didn't seem interested in selling me one of her hats, so maybe it'll take a few fortunes until she'll sell them to me? I'll have to google it.

Well as predicted, I didn't get bingo... But at least both the numbers rolled were ones that we needed. Guess that makes up for the lack of bingo - it also lead me to a double ding.

Unrelated News
Yeah, that was about all for today. It was one of those days where I played a lot, but nothing happened. None of my villagers seemed interested in giving me chores, and there were no special visitors in town. It was just a boring day... Sorry. Cya!


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