Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 230

Last Nights Caper
Uhh it's all a blur lol. Pretty sure I didn't do anything though.

Day 230
Saharah was in town today. She was up near Rosie's house, so I spoke with her and invited over to my house to give it an interior makeover for 3,000 bells.

I took her over to my house and handed her over the bells. She quickly kicked me out and then did her makeover magic. Sadly, she didn't give any exclusives (that I know of) - we got the bamboo flooring and blue wall... Even though they're not exclusives, I actually quiet like how they look together.

However, before I actually brought Saharah to my house I did a few chores around Skyfall. Nothing too major, I just spoke with the outside residents, namely Bree, who was only interested in telling me about her bad hair day lol.

After those chores (I also did Snowmen but I'll cover that later in this post) I went to visit Ricky who wanted an apple. I didn't have any apples in Skyfall as I chopped them all down to put the path around Soleil's house... But luckily Shannon was online and I asked her if she could give me a few - one for Ricky, and one to plant so I can have apples in Skyfall again. Thankfully she had some, and was happy the hand them over. Thanks! Though Ricky didn't give me anything decent for my troubles, just a wobbelina. Zucker actually wanted to buy it later, but I told him no because I didn't want him messing up his near-perfect house.

I headed north of Ricky's house to do my daily customization with Cyrus, and checked the turnip prices whilst I was there. They were a nice 243 bells! It was only about 11:45am when I checked, so I did want to go back after midday to check if they had increased, but  forgot oops.

It also started snowing shortly after completing Ricky's request. Though I didn't do anything too major once it started snowing, so I didn't get to enjoy it - I mainly spent it indoors cleaning out my drawers.

When I was out checking the stores in Main Street I headed on over to Katrina's store to get my fortune once again. But she still didn't seem interested in selling me any hats. Maybe I actually need to take my hat off or something? lol. Not really sure, probably should google it like I mentioned yesterday, but I've not gotten around to it.

We had a good Snowman day today - first off I managed to snag a bingo, and scored a neat Ski Rack as a reward. I thought it'd lookg good in my back cabin room, but I couldn't find anywhere to put it that looked nice. So I just shoved it in my sleek room along with my other Snowman/Snowboy items.

My Snowboy was a little on the risky side, as soon as I pushed it together my heart sunk a little because I realized I had made the base too large, and the head too small. But it didn't seem to bother him because he said he was perfect anyway? He sure doesn't look perfect, that's for sure lol. As long as he's happy I guess.

Unrelated News
I really had a bad sleep last night, I woke up several times, so I really don't feel like staying up much longer. Would love to chat about my life here but I just don't feel like it. Sorry. Cya!


  1. Wow, it's been so long since I stopped by! I'll start reading again, lol, so much to dooooo!

  2. Katrina will only offer you one of her hats if she says that you've got bad luck coming haha.

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