Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 231

Last Nights Caper
Sleepy sleepy.

Day 231

I was glad it was snowing again, I know I say it a lot, but I really do think it just makes everything that much better - it's great.
We had a letter from the Snowboy, with a gift as usual. Today he gave us a snowman table - something I've yet to have. I think I'm around 50% complete with the snowman set now? I'm not entirely sure, I'm just guessing, but it sounds about right.

February first meant that today would be the day Jacques was leaving Skyfall. It'll kinda be sad without him, I honestly did like him, but he just put his house in a horrible spot, so I decided to let him go. I don't think we had a high enough friendship level for him to send me his picture, but we'll see tomorrow.

There was also yet another camper in the campsite, Benjamin. It really does seem like we're getting a lot of campers recently. It's probably just the game tormenting me for having a full town, watch as now that Jacques is gone we'll get no campers lol.

In the chores department Tia had a gift that she wanted delivered to Soleil. I took her request and tracked down the hamster to give her the gift. She didn't give me anything decent in return, just a green-bar tee.

Bree wanted me to come over at 11:30. I thought I had a lot to do in town today, so I agreed with the time. But turns out there wasn't that much to do in town today and I found myself waiting around a while. Luckily she went home early, at around 11, and I walked in anyway. She welcomed me and I bought her loom from her.

And again... Ricky wanted another apple... What's he doing with them all? Unfortunately I didn't have any apples left in Skyfall, so I went to my secret stash in my house, and pulled the sole perfect apple off the table and handed that over to Ricky... And of course, I got a mesely spinning wheel...

You had one yesterday...

Katrina didn't seem interested in giving me any hats either... Apparently I have to wait until a day where I have bad luck for her to offer me one, which will probably be a while as it always seems I have good luck.

I am an idiot. First off we already have two Snowman in Skyfall which have gone begging because I don't have a bingo card and I made a Snowboy... And even the Snowboy wasn't perfect. I accidentally pushed the snowballs together too early and made him wrong... ughh

Unrelated News
I'm really tired and I still have a few things to do before I can head off to bed... ughh. I'm off. Cya!


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