Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 233

Last Nights Caper
After I finished blogging I totally forgot I had to get up early today, so I had a small panic once it started getting late and I realized I had to be awake early in the morning. But I didn't seem to be too tired when I woke up.

Day 233

Skyfall's camping streak continued to rise, as we had yet another camper in out campsite today - today we had Boomer. I always enjoy seeing these 'novelty' villagers pop up, but Boomer isn't a villager I really want in Skyfall so I just let him enjoy his holiday. And yet again, I forgot to go back and play games...

As we were near the town tree I had seen that Redd had pitched his tent in Skyfall. As usual, he had his four pieces of art, with one being real (no sculptures today...). I bought the legit painting, but almost certain its one I've already bought before.

Real - the God's are on the correct sides

Fake - her head should be looking the other way

Fake - it has a carrot on its nose

Fake - there is a bug bite out of one of the leaves

Since by now the flower clock had been demolished, I headed on over to the Town Hall to speak with Isabelle to build the new flower clock.

Looks empty

There were several places I wanted to build it (noted by the use of the snowflake patterns) - but the first pattern was the place I thought suited it the best, so that's where I decided to build it. I rearranged a few flowers on the outside of it, so hopefully it'll look good with the completed clock (oops thought I had  a picture of the flowers around it but I don't, sorry - you can see tomorrow).

Yet again, I had bad luck but good luck with Katrina... Bad luck because she gave me a good luck fortune, so no lucky hats... I know we'll get there eventually though, just have to remain optimistic.

The fishing tourney is supposedly on again this weekend - it honestly doesn't seem like that long ago since it was last on... Time sure does fly lol, it honestly feels like the tourney was only a week ago or something,

Ricky suggested we build the drilling rig public works project (one of the less appealing pwp's if you ask me). I couldn't get a picture though, as the flower clock was under construction, but I should get one tomorrow if I remember.

Only one Snowman rolled a number that we needed, I get the feeling that this will yet again be a long road to bingo... (yay)

Unrelated News
I'm actually getting a little tired right now (I didn't get a long sleep, and I kept waking up through out the night) - but surprisingly I wasn't that tired when I woke up, but it's catching up now. I've also got about 585983453 things that need sorting so I have to work on them, and can't stay here too long. Cya!


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