Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 235

Last Nights Caper
I was tired again so I slept - I should probably remove this section for the time being but I CAN'T.

Day 235

A nice sunny day today, with a lovely gift from yesterdays Snowboy. Today he sent us the snowman wardrobe (I think I may have already gotten this before?).

As I left my house, I noticed Soleil wasn't outside her house. She is almost always walking about as soon as I jump in to play, but today she wasn't. I walked into her house nd turns out she was sick. I didn't have any medicine on me at the present, so I bolted over to the Nooklings I wouldn't forget later, and bought her some medicine.

Ricky was in his house, too (which isn't as unusual as Soleil being in her house, but he does like being outside a lot). I walked in and spoke to him, and he wanted a gift delivered to Frita. Of course, me not liking Frita, she plots her revenge by giving me a 'guess what it is and you get to keep' scenario, and I get it wrong... No reward for me.

And finally, Rosie, a villager I don't see much of lately (actually, Zucker has gone MIA recently, I've not seen him since the weekend I don't think), and wanted me to come over right away. I know it was right away, but I was hesitant, because I do know Rosie's house is a train wreck... And it hadn't gotten any better...

I managed to snag two items from her house, a wooden stool from her drawers, and speaking to her gave me the opportunity to buy an item from her house. I wanted to buy the fossil form the middle of her house, but it wasn't for sale. My two options were the sleek sofa, and the writing desk. At the time, I thought I should've got rid of the writing desk, so I bought that, but looking back now, I kinda wish I took the sleek sofa. Oh well, I'll just spam her with gifts to fix her house up.

Katrina still seemed adamant to give me good fortunes...  It's kinda getting annoying now, but I'm not going to pass up good luck, even if I don't use it to its full potential. But I probably should get onto it whilst my luck's at its best.

After doing today's bingo (which will be just after this), I spoke to Tia who informed me that Gulliver had washed ashore. I headed on over to the beach to search for the unconscious seagull, and woke him up, and then sent him on his way. My options were:
- Hawaii
- Yoshi's Island (lol)

- Easter Island
- Jamaica

Well our Snowmen rolled us numbers we needed, but unfortunately I didn't make the Snowboy perfect. Oops.

Unrelated News
Idk there is really nothing going on, so yeah. Cya?


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