Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 236

Last Nights Caper
Sleep time. Actually I did contemplate playing A Link Between Worlds (yes, I've gotten back into it), but I decided it'd be better to play that today (which I didn't end up doing...) lol.

Day 236

I was glad to see the snow back. I'm not 100% sure when the snow (as in on the ground) actually goes away. I think it's either the 20th or 25th (could be wrong), so we have about 3 weeks left... Bette enjoy it whilst it lasts (actually, as much as I love the snow, I am in the mood for some more green, but the snow will be missed).

Day 2 of Soleil being sick, so I went to get her some more medicine. Just one more dosage tomorrow and she should be perfectly fine, then she can get back to walking around town, giving me chores to give us more friendship points.

Ricky wanted me to catch him a blowfish, but I had no luck on the beach. I only managed to find dab (or olive flounder I forget which). I hope this doesn't affect out friendship too much (I also found a tuna which I sold for a nice profit). Whilst I was fishing I decided to check at the museum to see if I had donated all fish (besides the loach because I haven't caught that yet). Turns out much like the bugs, I forgot to donate a neon tetra... It doen't come back until April. Not sure if I'm going to have a friend TT to April and catch it in their town, or wait until April comes around in my town.

Speaking of Ricky, I haven't seen much Bree/Ricky interaction lately... I really hope the two aren't falling out. Although, that very well may be the case, as Rosie was talking about giving him fashion tips.. Hopefully Ricky is just seeking advice from Rosie to impress Bree!

Katrina, good fortune, no hats. Meh. I really just need to wait but I really really really want the Tingle hat (I probably wont even use it though LOL).

Well both Snowmen rolled us numbers we needed, so happy about that. No dings however... Ughhh.

Unrelated News
Ughh, I really didn't feel like blogging/playing today (probably because the last two days have been really long). I'm not going to stop blogging though, so don't die on me lol. I just didn't feel like doing it today, but I'll be back tomorrow, and hopefully I'll enjoy it better. Cya!


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