Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 237

Last Nights Caper

Dy 237

Soleil's house being just to the right of mine, I dropped by so see if she had gotten better (I know it's only been two days but still). She was still ill, so I headed on over to the Nooklings to get her her medicine, and handed it over. Tbh, I'm glad Soleil has been sick, since it makes me go to the stores first thing, which I think is actually better then waiting until the end of the day to check out the stores.

Zucker's house is only next to Soleil's, and like I mentioned yesterday that Zucker has been MIA recently (which is weird because he has sent me letters every day since he's been missing lol), but today he was home, so I decided to drop by and speak with him. He wanted me to grab Tia, so I did.... But she just invited her over to clean his house. What.

Zucker also reminded me that the fishing tourney was going on tomorrow, I forgot to take a picture, but there was a notice on the bulletin board.

Alfonso was another resident I've not seen in a while (actually I have seen him, I've just not interacted with him in a while). He pinged me and asked me to catch him a centipede. I'll be honest, I accepted it, but I didn't complete it. I just kinda want him to move out.

In the evening I had Heidi (whose town I celebrated Setsubun in) come over to sell some fish, as her shops were closed. Whilst she was over, I spoke with Bree who wanted me to get her some fruit. I pulled a perfect orange out, but she didn't give me her picture... One day... one day.....

Sorry, I went too fast and only got a picture last minute

Katrina, again gave us a good fortune. I really need to stop brushing these off and actually use them to their full potential... One day I'll learn (when karma comes back and gives me bad luck for 9878 weeks and then I keep falling over).

Two Snowmen today, only one gave us a number that I needed. Winter is soon going to be over, so I need to try collect as much as I can. 

Unrelated News
I've literally been sitting here watching TV for about 3 hours when I should've been blogging... It's now getting late and I've got a few things to do... Really need to work on my time management.. Cya!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who has a town Alfonso didn't want to move out of xD


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