Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 238

Last Nights Caper
I slept...

Day 238

Fishing Tourney today. Even though I was reminded by it yesterday, I totally forgot about it when I got on lol. If I had remembered I would've gone on earlier to give me some more time, but that didn't seem to be the case because I guess I got lucky? I'll talk about that later.

Soleil was still in her house, and I hadn't gotten a thank you letter form her, so I wondered if she was still sick. I went into her house and she was healthy, and ready for the tourney. She gave me a glass-top table as a thank you gift.

Finally, I got luck with Katrina (or unlucky, depending on which way you chose to look at it). When she started reading out the fortune I knew we were going to get a bad luck fortune! I was glad we got one, but I didn't have the best luck, because she gave me a celebration hat, and not the Tingle hat... Oh well, at least I got one hat.

As soon as I left Katrina's, I got a message from a Tumblr follower, which reminded me to update my Dream Address. I dropped by the Dream Suite to take a quick nap to update Skyfall's data. We also had 11,000 visitors, which is amazing (it would be 20,000+ if we kept the old dream address but meh), I just want to thank you all for taking your time to stop by my town which I don't think is that good (maybe I'm being selfish, but I honestly don't think my town is that great, despite all my messages I get from you guys telling me how nice it is... But I do appreciate them, and they make me smile, so thank you).

Now time for the fishing tourney. Even though I got on late (I think it was around 1pm?), the record fish wasn't that big, and was held by Hippeux by a mere ~5 inch pond smelt (woah, I thought it was actually 8 inches lol), I knew I could use this small fish to my advantage to score me some neat items.

Since it was only a small fish, I emptied my pockets, and caught an assortment of fish, and arranged them in order from smallest to largest, and handed them in in that order, so I would keep beating the current record, and get new items (I only got about 4 fish series items, though).

I'm rather happy with my haul of items I received from Chip. Now I've got a few more fish items to the catalog, so I can work on the golden catalog badge.

I then waited until the evening for the awards ceremony to start, which I got first place in. I was actually surprised to receive first place, I handed my winning fish in at around 1:45ish, so that was what, another 4 hours 15 minutes to beat my record? And my sea bass wasn't even that big. I would've preferred silver since I don't think think I've gotten a silver fishing trophy before, but meh, I'm happy with what I got.

One Snowman gave us a number which resulted in a ding, and the other resulting in a nothing. I also built the Snowboy imperfectly (oops). So it was a mediocre Snowmen day.

Unrelated News
Ughh life is really boring nothing to do so yeah... I feel bad leaving the last nights capers section blank, and this section too, but that's just how it is... Cya!


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