Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 240

Last Nights Caper
Slept oops.

Day 240
Damn day 240, before we know it I'll be up to day 365 (plz no).

It was cloudy today, so I was hoping it'd snow, but it never happened. I was doing a few things when I started playing, so I was standing around my house for a while. Not long after starting up, Zucker made his way to my house and pinged, telling me he would like to move. I'd have let him move, but I want to get his photo before he moves - or at least be confident enough that our friendship level is high enough for him to send me it when he leaves. As I knew it wasn't high enough, I asked him to stay.

Redd had put his tent up in the plaza today. As usual, no authentic sculptures, just paintings... I really need to get my hands on real sculptures. Maybe I should try trade my extra real paintings for sculptures.

Fake - it has both hands on hips

Real - there is no fake

Fake - it should have a round top

Fake - it's holding a UFO

In Main Street, Katrina also gave me a double dose of bad luck... She gave me a bad luck fortune, but sold me yet another celebration hat. I know it's only our second time, but maybe some towns get the celebration hat, and other towns get the Tingle hat?? Not really sure (but I don't think that's the case).

Soleil was home so I decided to drop by. She had the request of me catching her a bagworm. I wasn't sure what to do, I didn't want her to put the bagworm in her house and mess it up, but then I wanted friendship points so I can hopefully get her photo. I decided on catching her a bagworm, and she gave me an office desk as a reward.

Well... Today we got bingo, and I remembered to make a Snowtyke, though he didn't say anything about bringing his family together, so I'm unsure if he'll send me a gift in the mail... Oh, and my reward for bingo was a snowboard!

Unrelated News
Today was much more relaxed than yesterday, so I'm happy about that. I really need to work on getting my checklist that I included yesterday underway though, I know the longer I leave it, the harder it'll become (I did send Soleil her phonograph back though). Anyway I'm off. Cya!


  1. The hats are random. I've gotten three celebration hats before she sold me the Tingle Hood. Too bad you can't find out what she's selling beforehand

  2. For the snowtyke, you always need to make him perfect to get the rewards


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