Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 243

Last Nights Caper
I was really tired so I slept not long after I put last nights post up.

Day 243

Saharah was in town today. As usual, I brought her to my house for an interior make over, and she gave me a blue tarp wall and a fancy carpet. I believe the wall is an exclusive.

Not long after leaving Saharah behind, Ricky pinged and suggested the zen bell public works project. This is actually one I've wanted for a long time, but I've got no idea where to put it... I guess there's no rush to place it, so I'll take my time and find a place I'm happy with.

Tia wanted fruit again, I guess the female villagers of Skyfall just love their fruits? I was hoping to score another pic (lol), but instead she gave me a plate armor. But I'm equally happy with this, it's an item I've wanted for a while now, so I'm glad we finally got our hands on it.

Whilst patrolling Skyfall doing the daily duties, I came across two things. The first was that Phineas was roaming around town. I was hoping he'd give me the gold remake badge so I can stop giving Cyrus my toy camera, but he gave me a bronze badge for visiting lots of towns. I don't think I've gone to another town for a few days, but it was snowing yesterday and he doesn't show up on snow days, so maybe that's why I don't remember venturing out.

Second thing I came across was a lost item. I asked around trying to find it's owner, when I eventually stumbled across Zucker who it belonged to (he always talks about food for some reason... maybe that's his trait, or the trait of lazy villagers). He gave me a fishing vest as my reward.

When I finally made my way to the northern parts of Skyfall, I noticed the camping grounds were in use. It was a lot easier to walk in as we only have nine villagers in Skyfall, so I didn't go into instant panic mode as soon as I saw the grounds were in use. When I walked in I was greeted by the ever so cute Prince. I believe I had him in both Wild World and City Folk, and because of that I decided to let him stay camping. I would've liked him to move in, but if I were to have a frog move in, I'd prefer it be a frog I haven't had before.

Katrina gave me a good fortune upon love today, which I needed a knit hat for to activate it. Luckily I already had a knit cap on, so I could already reap the fortunes rewards. However I didn't get around to playing a lot (family came over about halfway through the day so I lost most of my afternoon), but that's okay because I'd probably only use it to try get Bree and Rosie's photos.

Well, we made our Snowboy perfect, but sadly neither of our Snowmen gave us numbers we needed on our cards.

Unrelated News
I haven't even had dinner yet 'cause I've been so busy so yeah. On a somewhat related note, one of my cousins is probably (I say probably because he is bad at making life decisions lol) going to buy a 3DS tomorrow. I'm not sure if he'll but AC with it, but I'm sure he'll get it eventually (he loved Wild World). Yeah, nothing really too exciting, but if you've been following for a while you'll know that I used to play Wild World a lot when I was younger with my cousins who I never saw, and they were the ones who got me into AC in the first place, so it's kinda nostalgic. And of course, once my other cousin realizes he bought a 3DS, she'll probably go out and buy one, and then we've come full circle, and back to the good old days of Wild World. Anyway, Cya!


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