Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 245

Last Nights Caper
I stayed up later than usual and woke up earlier than usual so it wasn't a good break for me...

Day 245

We had a letter from yesterdays Snowboy, and as usual there was a gift attached. He had given us a snowman fridge (at least that's what I think it was? Don't know why they'd name it a fridge lol but if memory serves correctly it was a fridge).

Oh wait, looking at the pic it's a fridge

Over at Zucker's house, he was hungry, as usual, and was looking for a piece of perfect fruit (yes, he was looking for perfect fruit, nothing bu the finest for our hungriest resident). I went back to my house and pulled out a perfect orange, no photo, but I got a ball return. At least it added to the friendship points.

Ricky had a gift that needed delivering to Alfonso, which he had accidentally received. I didn't get anything decent for it, just a shirt. I'm not looking to raise friendship points with Alfonso, either, but I'm not sure if it adds to Ricky's points as well.

Katrina didn't give me bad luck either, so no tingle hats for me. I got yet another wealth fortune, I should probably go back and look at what each fortune actually does lol so I can see what I can earn from each one.

We didn't get bingo (as expected), but we missed out on it by one number. We rolled a 16 when we needed a 15... So close! But at least both Snowmen gave us numbers I needed.

Unrelated News
Nothing really happened today, I just didn't feel like playing a lot. Glad I got this post out early so I get some more time to myself tonight so yeah. Cya!


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