Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 247

Last Nights Caper
I pretty much slept right after posting last nights blog as I needed to get up early today.

Day 247

By the time I got home (I'll talk more about my day at the end of this post) it was about 5pm, so it was an evening gameplay (it kinda reminded me of when I used to play at nights, and how I missed them). 

To my surprise, in my mailbox was a letter from Ricky (okay that wasn't the surprise, I knew he'd send me a thank you letter since I went over to his house yesterday). The surprise was that I finally got his picture! Now I just need to work on Bree (and possible Rosie) and I'll be happy. And then I need to work on Soleil and Zucker so I can work on having them move out.

I really need to redesign my main room...

Shortly after leaving my house I saw Zucker wandering around and spoke with him to see if I could score a job out of him. Instead, he told he Saharah was in town, which was better than nothing, so I went out to find her.

Saharah was only a little to the north of Zucker's house, and wasn't that hard to find. I spoke with her and took her over to my house. She gave me a somewhat decent makeover, giving me a nice meadow vista, and an opulent rug.

Ricky did yet another good deed for the day, as he suggested the zen clock public works project (he's the only one suggesting recently, everyone else needs to step up their game!). I'm not sure if I should demolish the fairytale clock and place the zen one in it's place, or keep the fairytale one there. I kinda wanna make a Japanese-esque feeling to my town, and want to build the zen bell, and then the zen clock, so maybe I'll tear it down one day (though I still need to figure out where to place the zen bell...).

And then to end my day, I paid the usual visit to Katrina, who gave me a good fortune upon my health. It kinda felt pointless visiting her today since I've not received both hats, so maybe from now on I'll just visit her on special occasions (though I fear without including her the blog posts will be incredibly short, and even shorter once the Snowman section goes).

Both rolled numbers we needed, and one even landed us a ding (giving us a double ding), but no bingo. I really do think this'll be the last bingo game we'll get to play before the winter ends. Oh well. We also made a perfect Snowboy, who should give us a thank you gift tomorrow.

Unrelated News
So yeah, I had to wake up at 7 (which was hard since I got a really bad sleep last night), and then spend like 2 hours driving to the country (it was raining + bad traffic so it took longer than usual), do some uni orientation day there, then go home, go to a doctors appointment at 2:30 (which I literally got home at like 2:10 so I virtually had to leave again once I got home) and then go get a blood test after my appointment, and then do some grocery shopping. So yeah, I had a really busy day today.

I also start uni in a week (eep!), so I'm not sure how or if it will affect my gameplay/blogging but I'll try my best to do as much as possible, whilst balancing uni work on top of it, but that's a week away, and I only have a few hectic days, so yeah. Cya!


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