Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 248

Last Nights Caper
Since I had a lot of early starts and bad sleeps lately I slept relatively early so I could get a good sleep.

Day 248

It was cloudy today, so I was hoping for some snow, but none fell. In our mailbox was a letter from yesterdays Snowboy, who gave us a snowman bed as a thank you gift.

After leaving my house Zucker requested me to bury a time capsule. I accepted his request, but when I dug the hole, instead of choosing the bury option, I accidentally opened it. I didn't know if I should go back to Zucker because I didn't want to lower the friendship level, and take the "get his pic, let him move" procedure back a step, so I decided to reset.

Tia tried to move again, but I told her not to, and she reconsidered moving. Tbh, now that I've got her pic I'm not too bothered is she leaves or stays, but I would like her to stay in Skyfall. She's cute, and her house is in a nice spot.

I know I said I wouldn't be visiting Katrina daily anymore, but today I just felt that I needed to. It just seemed weird with the idea of not visiting her going around in my head, so I went anyway, and received a good fortune upon wealth.

Alfonso had finally made himself useful (well he might have made himself useful before, but I don't remember) - today he suggested the balloon arch public works project. Maybe he got word of Ricky suggesting them every which way he wanted to give him a run for his money. I do like the balloon arch, so maybe I'll build it later. I actually had an idea where to build the zen bell, which is next to the police station, but I'll wait until the snowmen are gone before I try to build it.

Well, we got a triple ding from bingo, and made a perfect Snowboy. So it was a great day, but not a perfect day. 

Unrelated News
Well I had a busy day again today, nowhere near as busy as yesterday, though, but still really busy, so I didn't end up having a lot of time to play, and right now I'm feeling tired so I didn't feel like spending the usual amount of time blogging, so I did a little rush job, sorry. Well yeah. Cya!


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