Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 249

Last Nights Caper
I actually don't remember. I know I didn't play anymore, but I didn't go to sleep right away.

Day 249

Cloudy again today, so I was hoping for some snow, but none fell. There was a thank you letter from the Snowboy in the mail, who gave me the lovely Snowman hood that I've been after for so long. It's really cute! I contemplated wearing it for the day but it didn't really suit what I had on, maybe if I find another outfit to wear it with then I'll wear it for the remainder of winter, but right now it's in my museum storage.

Going around speaking to villagers to try get chores out of them, I managed to score a few. Firstly, Soleil wanted me to get her a cherry. As I wanted to increase as many friendship points as I could, I went and got her a perfect cherry. She seemed grateful and gave me a kitschy clock for my time.

When I spoke with Ricky, he wanted me to dig up the time capsule he asked me to bury a while ago. I walked outside of his house and went a little to the right to dig it up. I then went back into Ricky's house to hand it over to him, and he gave me a jagged tank as a reward.

I still felt obliged to visit Katrina today lol. Kinda lucky I did because I was having a bad luck day, and she gave me another tingle hood.

Wasn't a good day in the Snowman department today. We got a quadruple ding (could be more) for one, and the other number rolled we didn't have on our card.

Unrelated News
Today was a really lazy day for me, I really didn't feel like doing much, so I didn't. I kinda feel bad about it, but that's just how some things go. Cya!


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