Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 251

Last Nights Caper
Watched some TV then went to sleep

Day 251

Cloudy day, was hoping for some snow to fall, but that didn't happen. Bree didn't send me her picture as a gift either, she gave me a shirt of some kind (didn't write it down because I didn't care about it that much).

Speaking of Bree, not long after walking around Skyfall, she wanted me to fetch her a peach. I tried to get my hands on a perfect peach, but I was unable to. Instead, I simply shook one of the peaches of the regular peach trees and handed it over to her. She gave me a kitschy wall.

As my villagers were being stingy with giving me chores, I decided to go into their houses since the ones outside were adamant against giving me anything. As I walked into Rosie's I noticed she was sick, so I headed on over to Main Street to get her some medicine, and then deliver it to her house.

Whilst I went to get her some medicine I dropped by Katrina's, who gave me a good fortune upon friendship. Though I didn't have the item to unlock the goo fortune, so it went begging.

I had to decide whether or not I should make a Snowman, of a Snowboy. But I knew that my chances of getting bingo before the snow went away was small (I mean, I'm not exactly sure when the snow goes away, Feb 25th I think? and I think I have a small chance of getting bingo, but not worth the gamble.) Instead I made a Snowboy and decided to collect extra pieces of the snowman set. I accidentally pushed the snowballs together and feared I made him imperfectly as the head was too small, but he seemed to be pleased with his look.

Unrelated News
It was just one of those days where I didn't feel like playing much. I actually woke up feeling horrible (not in a sick kind of way, more of an 'eww I feel so dirty and sweaty this is gross' kind of way), so I laid in bed for about 2 hours before I actually woke up, so I missed out of most of my morning, if I got out of bed earlier I probably would've played more but meh. Cya!


  1. Weird, Rosie in my town is sick too! D:


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