Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 252

Last Nights Caper
I watched some of the Olympics lol. That was probably the only interesting thing.

Day 252

In our mailbox was a letter from yesterdays Snowboy, and attached was a snowman lamp. I'm pretty sure I'e already got the lamp before, so either he gives his rewards out in order, and now that I've gotten the lamp again, I've completed the set, or he sends them out randomly, and I just got unlucky and received another lamp.

As I left my house and spoke with my villagers to try get chores, Zucker suggested we play a game of hide-and-seek. I accepted, and managed to find all three residents within the time limit, and got given a modern wood wall as a reward.

After the game I spoke with Tia, who wanted me to catch her any type of river fish. Again, I wasn't sure if I should accept her request, and she'll probably put it in her house, and then ruin it, and I already had her pic, so I didn't really know if I should accept. Though I accepted anyway, and she gave me a floral knit tee as thanks.

I headed on over to Main Street to buy Rosie her medicine, and whilst I was there I stopped by Katrina. I'm thinking maybe I should just visit Katrina daily (as it's become a norm lol), but only blog about it if it's interesting or I need to fill in empty days... Idk yet, I'll figure it out later.

I then headed back to Skyfall to give Rosie her medicine. Just one more dosage tomorrow and she should be as good as new. I'm hoping I'll get her pic as a reward, but knowing my luck I probably wont.

Even though I had patrolled the beaches for hide-and-seek, I stopped by the police station, and Booker told me that Gulliver was washed ashore. I guess he had washed up in a spot where there were no trees, so I didn't see them.
I woke him up and then he gave me four choices:
- Thailand
- South Korea
- The Philippines
- Japan

Again I just made a Snowboy, which I made perfectly, so I shall be getting a reward in the mail tomorrow.

Unrelated News
Idk why I put today's post up so early lol. Though I have finally gotten around to using Pokebank so and that seems to be taking forever ('cause I am slow) so I guess I wanted to push this post out early so it wasn't a mad panic when I wasted all my time on Pokebank. So yeah. Cya!


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