Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 253

Last Nights Caper
I finally got around to using PokeBank so I spent most of my night doing that, which took forever lol.

Day 253

Cloudy, but no snow... We had a letter from the Snowboy in the mail, who attached a snowman fridge. This is a piece I've gotten before so I'm almost certain now that I've collected the entire set, and now he's just repeating items.

I didn't know if I should do a sub-heading for villager chores today since there were tonnes lol. I got lucky, because on the first or second attempt I spoke with most villagers, they gave me a chore. First up was Soleil who wanted me to catch her a wharf roach. I searched the beaches for a little while, until deciding to go to the island to catch one there, and she gave me a denim vest as a reward.

Ricky needed a gift delivered to Hippeux. I managed to track down Hippeux and hand the gift over to him, he gave me a pickle jar as a thank you.

Tia then wanted me to visit her house. I kinda shuddered a little because I haven't seen the inside of her house in a while, and I wasn't sure if it'd be a Rosie-styled disaster... Though I accepted her offer, and entered her house. To my surprise, it actually wasn't that bad. It was almost perfect if you ask me. She just had a bug on the table (which I tried to buy but she wouldn't sell - then I ended up buying nothing). But yeah, I'm happy with how it looks.

Finally I visited Zucker who wanted me to get him a piece of fruit. I simply went to my secret perfect fruit stash and gave him a perfect orange, and got given a chic wall in return. No villager pic, but I can sense these friendship points stacking up, and hopefully I can score his picture soon, and then give him to someone who's after him.

As it was Sunday and I was on before midday, I stumbled upon Joan and spoke with her for the sake of it, just to see how much she was selling her turnips for. They going price was 97 bells apiece, but I didn't buy any.

After ending my conversation with Joan, I headed up to Rosie's house to deliver her her final dosage of medicine (hopefully) which I bought at the Nooklings store not too long ago. She should be better by tomorrow, and I have my fingers crossed that she'll send me her pic (then maybe I'll consider having her move out).

Katrina gave me a good fortune upon health, but I didn't have the item to benefit from it. I really should start using her fortunes to my advantage, could add something more for me to play for.

Built another Snowboy, which I made perfectly (again, I swore I made the head way too small, but I guess not). So should get yet another gift tomorrow.

Unrelated News
Wow that was a big day lol. I start uni on Tuesday (and being in Australia which is pretty much in the future it's now Sunday night so not that long away!), I've said this before, but I'm not sure how or even if it will affect my blogging/gameplay schedule. For the first week to two I'll probably just continue blogging as normal, and then after that period adjust my schedule accordingly (if need be). I'm at uni from Monday-Thursday (having every second Monday off), and it takes me 1.5 hours to get there (so that's 3 hours travel time). It's kinda daunting but I guess I'll get used to it. Anyway, if I need to fine-tune my blogging schedule, more than likely I'll just not blog on the days I had uni (but still play), and the Thursday night/Friday morning do one post for all the days, and then do daily posts until I got back. It might not be that, but that's the path I'm heading down right now. Anyway. Cya!


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